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Marketing Services from a team that make a difference.
Montamedia marketing
About Us

Montamedia maximise your precious budget and ensure it works hard at every step.


Products and the services they provide are our thing. Getting under the skin of why, what, when and how.

We identify and communicate tangible and tactile benefits delivering empathy opportunities for your target customers and their conversion.


Touch-points are key, irrespective of platform, whether exhibition, social or digital- we bring your ideas to life, generating brand buy-in with cohesive focused deliverables .

This mantra drives Montamedia. Is it yours?

If yes, speak to one of the team to find out more.


Montamedia started in 2008 and we have worked across a multitude of sectors including energy, utility, renewables, sportswear, leisure, manufacturing, retail and food.  Both B2B and B2C demographics have shaped our approach, delivery and outcomes.


Strategic Marketing
As part of your team we quickly understand where you want to get to.

We provide the how, with a concise plan that matches your objective and budget.
Photography, Video and podcast
Impactful and creative visual storytelling for the scan and buy generation.

Image and film that bring brands and products to life, conceived, captured and edited to stimulate engagement.
Exhibition Design & Build
We build tactile product or service led exhibition stands that set you apart and grab your audience. We understand your product then design and build a stand around its proposition.

Full service, shell, space, uk/international experience – ask us about it, we would love to tell you.
Product Launch
Our expertise. We understand the product, the target audience and your objectives.

We conceive a multi-channel launch campaign that ensures we maximise your objectives to the budget and engage the audience with clear concise marketing.

Let us unleash our creativity to realise your ambitions.
Website Design and Build
Your shop window. Simple design, stunning imagery and optimised keyword rich copy to generate traffic and engagement.

Brand or online e-commerce websites. It doesn’t need to cost the earth – ask us.
Public Relations
PR has changed. Media titles are scanned and not read so clear concise keyword educational copy is needed.

We do this realising that search engines will drive traffic to your copy, so its composed to deliver that.
Social Media Management
Engage rather than sell … Work as a co-creator, not a marketer.

Social Media platforms need subtle, engaging and educational content to get brand loyalty. We devise and implement using the full team’s expertise to deliver this critical content.
Graphic Design, Infographic and Illustration
Creativity at its best, simple eye catching graphic design to compliment and enhance.

We love a deadline, brief to content in a flash. Let’s do this.
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Design and Construct
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