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Coolhorsesocks | Social & SEO

10,000+ Customers Acquired
and an increased 248.26% Acquisition

What We Did

Our team first concentrated on developing the creative assets to create more creatives for the Coolhorse team to use on their social media platforms & web assets.

Then our Creative team also supported them throughout their assets creation on shoots, 

We also manage all of their social communities & content across the UK.

Whilst working with them, we have achieved:

  • significant increase in traffic
  • We developed a community that regularly engages with Coolhorseteam, and they are now establishing themselves as the lead equestrian sock brand. 


Asset Generation


Coolhorsesocks was re-establishing themselves in the equestrian market back in 2020, as of then we have supplied and supported them with SEO and Social media help.




Web Design, Asset Capture, Maintenance Package, Content Management, Curation