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Montamedia conceived, sourced, designed and constructed an attractive display in-house, including the Neon sign for the new offices of Energise Energy Solutions in Doncaster,  South Yorkshire, UK.

EV Call Centre

The 4.5m wide display is for their new EV Call Centre. We agreed with the client to install over a weekend to minimise disruption to their operation.  The hardware included screens and mini-PC’s that we installed and commissioned ready for their IT team to add their links to their KPI’s and performance stats dashboard.  The screens are mounted on cantilever TV brackets allowing full access to the miniature PC’s for maintenance and connection via the WIFI.  Once pushed back in, they fit flush to the display wall, providing a content wall.


The original brief called for a “Living Wall”, using planting to match other rustic installations already in the office. Still, after consideration around the ambient light, maintenance, and overall longevity, bearing in mind that the screens will emit some heat, the decision was to source a suitable artificial foliage alternative.

We couldn’t believe the volume and choice available!  We selected samples and met with the client onsite to decide. Getting hold of the stock was tricky, with supply from the Far East proving troublesome.  It arrived, and we quickly worked out fixing it is definitely a medium we will explore over the coming years. It is very durable, realistic, low maintenance and attractive, in our opinion.

The rustic surround was to complement the existing furniture in the office, so we sourced reclaimed timber and colour matched to suit. The frame is relatively deep, but we felt that the display needed to break the eye line and allow the foliage to blend in.


The neon sign was exciting for us to work on. The technology has moved on since the old days of glass discharge tubes filled with rarefied neon and other gases.  Did you know? The first modern version as we know it of neon lighting was first shown to the public in December 1910 at the Paris Motor Show by Georges Claude. Today, safer, more durable, and lower energy consuming variants are available to use.  This logo created a few technical issues due to font and size, but we overcame this.  The finished sign looks great, works well and delivers a positive brand message to all users of the new offices.

If you need a display and like what you see, please drop us a line. Please watch the short film. Tim even speaks to the camera – such an influencer!!

Energise Energy Solutions

Since 2018, Energise Energy Solutions have been working independently and in partnership with large energy and EV providers, helping customers reorientate their businesses and homes away from using fossil fuels, to help tackle the climate crisis.


EV Charging Solutions – Including standard 3 phase, fast and rapid, Energise Energy Solutions provide domestic and full end to end workplace solutions for SME’s, Fleet and large-scale, nationwide projects.

Smart Metering – including Domestic smart installations and Commercial installations. Emergency response works, training and quality assurance and warehouse /asset management.

Solar PV, Air Source Heat Pumps and Battery Storage – Creating self-sufficient energy supplies for homes and businesses.


Energise Energy Solutions


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